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Please help us carry the voices of our children far and wide so help will flow our way. So feel free to share our brochure and videos with you friends and invite them to do the same.


Brochure: Nurturing Mighty Oaks with Love

This is the new Children's Garden Home brochure (PNG format) that you may download, print out and share with your friends about the work we do to help orphans and street children in Kenya.

Download: Exterior Page | Interior Page

"LITTLE PALACE" - an original song composed and sang by Children's Garden Choir about this place where they grow and belong to - Children's Garden Home.
"AFRICAN CHILD" - a mega dance performance by Children's Garden Dancers to the popular song by Kenyan singer Jimmy Gait.
"IT TAKES..." - another original song composed and sang by Children's Garden Choir on what it takes to bring up a child.
"AFRICAN CHILD" - an indoor dance performance by Children's Garden Dancers.
"SINGA-MOO-LAH" - a remixed song dedicated to the dairy cow shed "Singa-MOO-Lah" that was sponsored by a group of friends in Singapore in 2011, based on the popular Singaporean folk song, Singapura.
"African Child" by Silas Mang'ong'o the Little Rapper (2011)
"African Child" by Silas Mang'ong'o the not-so-little Rapper (2018)
Beth Wanini the Nightingale
"Children's Garden"
A short film shot and produced in Italian by Federico Anatrella from Italy in 2011 that tells the story of Children's Garden beautifully.
From Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks
An inspirational talk given by Alvin Yong on uplifting street children at the Humaneity INSPIRES event held at the INSEAD Singapore Campus in Singapore on 21 Apr 2012.



Help us to help the childrenHELP US TO HELP THE CHILDREN

We welcome donation in cash and kind, sponsorship of children's education and the school upkeeping, and gifts of any kind.

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Berth Wanini

Berth Wanini

Beth Wanini, is 16 yrs old and studying in Form 1. When she was 10 years old, her single mother sent her to the home as she could not take care of the family of four. Berth recalled missing her mother and her own home initially but very quickly grew to like the big family of brothers and sisters in Children's Garden Home. She now feels this is where her home is. Under the nurture and guidance of the music director, Joseph, Beth is now one of the key singers in Children's Garden Home Choir. She is also one of two spiritual student leaders who lead the children in nightly devotion sessions in prayer and worship as well as the weekly Sunday service.


Ksh.50,000 /

Supports One Child through 1 Year of Homecare + School
Ksh.200,000 / US$2,000
Supports One Child through 4 Years of Homecare + Secondary Education

Ksh.300,000 /

Feeds ALL Children in the Home for 1 Month

Sponsor A Child


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