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Like an infant, our first decade of existence was focused on learning how to walk. Now that our home is set up and school programs are running, it is timely to work towards ensuring a long term sustainability. We endeavour to experiment with income generation activities that would not only provide a source of income for the home, but also involve and help the young to learn experientially livelihood skills and entrepreneurship.

In September 2011, we launched LITTLE FINGY'S as a social enterprise to undertake all income generating initiatives. Little Fingy's is based on a non-loss, non-dividend social business model that aims to generate a financial surplus to support Children's Garden Home. Unlike a for-profit business that is set up for personal gain, Little Fingy's has a single social objective of enhancing self-sustainability for Children's Garden Home. Moreover, our children have the opportunity to see and learn experientially how to run a business.

We welcome you to support and partner with us in our self-help projects under the branding of Little Fingy's, and help us with new opportunities.



Posho Mill ServiceIn July 2011, Alessandra Bruni and her friends from Italy sponsored a Posho Mill in Children's Garden Home. This machine mills maize into flour for making Ugali. Besides serving the domestic needs of the home, we are also offer milling service to the surrounding residents to generate an income for sustainability. As most customers prefer to buy the maize and have it milled on the spot, we also stock up maize for sale. We have a unique customer loyalty and referrer program. Come patronize us at the Little Fingy's Posho Mill Service!

We started a chicken farm that provides our children with the nourishment of eggs. The farm also teaches our children a livelihood skill of rearing chicken. We sell a portion of the eggs laid by happy chicken to generate an income for self-sustainability. Would you like to enjoy eggs that are filled with kiddy love and joy? Order Little Fingy's eggs today!

We have started a dairy farm of 1 cow (with 1 more coming) so as to allow more children to benefit from milk nourishment. The kids also learn hands-on the livelihood skills of tending to cows. We sell a portion of the milk from our happy cows to generate an income to partially fund our electiricty bill. Come order Little Fingy's Dairy Milk for jolly good health!

We started a tomato farm in a greenhouse that was sponsored by Chung Jin University in Korea. Planted with tender loving care by little fingers, our tomatoes grow up immersed in the joy and laughter of our children. We aim to channel the revenue from the sale of these tomatoes to cover the salary of a few staff and teachers. Support us and order our Little Fingy's Tomatoes today!

We supported the older girls in their aspiration to design unique and artful necklaces and launched the bead craft project in October 2011. We are so proud of our inaugural Safari Collection, Tribal Collection and Waka Waka Collection. Browse our exciting designs now and order this meaningful gifts for your beloved at Little Fingy's website.



Instead of putting our scare financial resource in advertising and promotion, we hope to leverage your help and referral to spread words around to your family, relatives, friends and colleagues about our Little Fingy's range of products and services. Thanks in advance for telling everyone you know about us!



Support our sustainability projectsHELP US BE SUSTAINABLE

We welcome your patronage and partnership to support to our Little Fingy's self-help social enterprise projects for sustainability.

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Stanley Kitili

Stanley Kitili

“I grew up here and love it as own my home. Here is where we have been provided with our basic needs. I can serve by being a good role model for the younger ones and I want to be a volunteer in the home when I finished school. I dream to be an aeronautical engineer as I am keen in this subject.”

Stanley came to live in the Children’s Garden Home when he was 9 years old. As an Environmental Prefect here, Stanley leads the children in taking care of the home environment and tending to vegetables like tomatoes and sukumawiki (kale vegetable) in the garden. Under the supervision of Operations Manager Mr Marcellus, Stanley has been growing saplings like passion fruits, avocado, mangoes to bear fruits for the children’s consumption and Griverae to provide lovely flowers and shade. He had just transplanted 17 Blue Gum saplings, all over the home ground. When these grow, their branches can be used as firewood for cooking.


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Supports One Child through 1 Year of Homecare + School
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Supports One Child through 4 Years of Homecare + Secondary Education

Ksh.300,000 /

Feeds ALL Children in the Home for 1 Month

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