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Every child who came to live in the Children's Garden Home has a story. Unfortunately, none are happy ones. Although most children stepped into our home with a fearful heart filled with anxiety and traumas, their faces soon blossom into cheery smiles through our parental care and unconditional love. Hence, a new chapter begins for these little souls.



Every child is an acorn born with the potential of a mighty oak tree. All he needs is watering of love and nourishment of knowledge to help him soar to his greatest height. YOU too can play a role to help us in the development and growth of these children, many of whom are filled with aspiration to excel and to serve.

Morgan Ng'ang'a
8 years old (2018)

Morgan was tragically abandoned by his mother at birth. Thanks to a good samaritan who picked him up from the street and sent him to Children's Garden Home. Little Ng'ang'a may never know who are his real parents, but he certainly has loving parents in Moses and Sylvia, and a big family of sisters and brothers to play and grow up with now.


James Asura in 2018


Nelima Metrine
20 years old (2018)

Nelima was 11 years old when she was brought to the Children's Garden Home in 2009. She was abused and locked up in her home until she was rescued. The trauma greatly affected Nelima and she was fearful of people, even someone as fatherly as Moses, the founder of Children's Garden Home. Through counseling, she is feeling safe and happy now.


Alvan in 2018


Brothers Silas & Junior
2011 vs 2018

Younger brother Silas is musically inclined as a rapper and aspires to study music. Elder brother Junior is a gifted DJ and aspires to study electrical engineering.


Ernest in 2018


Joyce Apiyo
Form 4 in 2019

Joyce developed her love for music growing up in CGH. She sings her own compositions, plays the guitar well. She is a great dancer too. Her dream is to pursue music in college and becomes a musician in the future.





We are the defending champion for traditional dance in the Kenya Primary School category. Our traditional dances are as uniquely rich in diversity as the tribal mixes of our children, and they showcase so well the Kenyan cultural and tribal heritage.

Traditional Dance Champion 2009
Traditional Dance Championship Champion

Our drama team had an opportunity to perform in Stockholm, Sweden in the Opera House for an audience of 300 in 2009. The performance was so moving that it attracted the attention of the Swedish nation to not only our home but also Kenya and Africa.

Children's Garden Home in Sweden 2009


Children's Garden Home team beat the Nigerian team 3-0!The home has a strong football team both boys and girls. The girl’s football team is still the defending champion of Dagorreti Districts, while the boy’s team was placed 2nd in Nairobi Youth Football Inter-School Competition, in 2003 and 2008.

Most of the children played football barefooted as they could not afford proper football boots. Despite that, they keep on scoring goals and winning matches. It shows that even with the bare minimum, these children can score in life!



Support our children with loveGIVE OUR CHILDREN SUNSHINE

You are invited to visit our children to share a story and a song, give them a smile and a pat, and your love.

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Daddy (Founder)
Moses Ndung'u

Moses Ndung'u

"Our vision is to help these children from the slums to grow up with an empowered mindset, with a positive attitude and with good knowledge and skills to make a difference not only to their own lives, but also that of the community where they come from. This is why our home is situated right next to the slums. While these children grow up with a positive difference, they must remain rooted to their families and community, and not moved away from the slum. As they grow up in our home, we constantly identify ways for them to make a helpful impact in the neighbourhood. Our children have come from the slum, and that is where they must feel belonged to. They are our hope to become an instrument of change to transform and uplift the slum community."


Ex-Pupil & Volunteer
Phanise Mwango

Job Wanjala

"My father died when I was a few weeks old. After my mother remarried, my step father abused me so I ran away. If not for CGH, I would not have gone to school, grew up under the love and care of Daddy Moses and Mum Silvia, have so many brothers and sisters, unearthed my talents and be a confident person today. I'm also grateful to my sponsor, Ms Vivienne Foo from Singapore, who sponsored me through my college education. I grew up in CGH since 2005 so this is where my home truly is. In 2018, I returned to serve as a volunteer teacher for my younger brothers and sisters. This is a beautiful place that breathes love and gratefulness."


Job Wanjala

Job Wanjala

"My name is Job Wanjala and I'm 23 years old. I was rescued by the Children’s Garden Home in 2003 when I was a young boy and that made me one of the earliest beneficiaries of the home. I used to live in a pathetic environment, and my parent could not afford to send me to school. I did not have access to even basic needs. Children's Garden Home supported my education right from secondary level. I cherished the opportunity so I worked hard and in 2010, I graduated from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. I'm grateful to Children's Garden Home. Nowadays, I return to the home as a volunteer, giving tuition to the secondary pupils there, and motivating the children to work hard and aim high."


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Supports One Child through 4 Years of Homecare + Secondary Education

Ksh.300,000 /

Feeds ALL Children in the Home for 1 Month

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