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A place for allChildren's Garden Home is a place for all.

Daddy Moses and Mum Sylvia run the home like a family set up. They are the parents to the children, while their team of staff are the uncles and aunts. Together, they nurture the children like their own with love and care, and provide them with the basic needs of food and shelter. They children live together like brothers and sisters, with the older ones tending to the younger ones. Every older child is assigned a younger child to take charge of that includes the responsibility to bath, clothe, feed and care him/her. They sleep in dormitories, take turns to prepare meals, dine as a bunch in the dining hall, study, play and laugh together. Every morning, they would undertake household duties in teams led by the older kids. They run the home, period.

Children's Garden Home is truly a place that the children and staff feel belonged to. Everyone is a member of this big family. That is why it is called a home.



SchoolEducation provides the most sustainable human capital for gainful employment and has been a key determinant in the successful rehabilitation of most former destitute children. Education empowers, saves lives and builds the future.

As many of our children come from a background of much suffering and traumas, we begin with careful rehabilitation for a progressive transformation. Regardless of age, the children will then begin their primary education. Our school also provides free education to over 150 children from the surrounding slums and disadvantaged community, who attend school mainly due the free lunch that we provide.

Besides academic lessons, we place special emphasis on spotting the talents in every child and unleashing the full potential in him/her. Thus our school program spans a wide spectrum that includes traditional dance, music making, football, farming, animal husbandry, etc.

In 2008, our pioneer class sat for their KCPE Exams with the first pupil scoring 426 marks and 9 others scored over 300 marks out of total 500 marks.

In 2009, we achieved a marvelous result of having 3 pupils above 350 and 10 above 300, and the rest above 230 marks.

Students gained carpentry skills while making own dining hall furnitureOut of 31 pupils who sat for KCPE Exams in 2010, 5 scored 300 and above marks, and 11 scored above average 250 marks to join high school.

As our children progressed, we wanted to provide them with secondary education to equip them for better chance of employability and self-reliance. So in 2010, we started a secondary school with 3 classrooms housed temporarily within our accommodation block.

In 2011, we had sufficient fund from donors to lay only the foundation of a secondary school block. We decided to build our dream, bit by bit. Over the next 4 years to 2015, thanks to numerous kind donors, we erected a secondary school block for Form 1-3, and provided school uniform for all secondary students to give them a sense of diginity.

In 2016, we finally had the science laboratory building. It was a boost to the morale and confidence of the students. We had designed this laboratory block to be possible to have a second storey. Our dream is to have a meditation hall at the second level in the near future.

In 2018, we completed building all secondary classrooms and the laboratory. Thanks to the staff of Safaricom, we constructed for the first time a proper boys dormitory. Thanks to the Jacoba van Wassenaer Foundation, Netherlands, we built our first ever proper nursery hall.

Our wish now is to construct a single storey primary school block that will include a proper teacher's room. Our vision is to provide quality nursery-primary-secondary education for our children.



5.30am Wake up and morning prep (i.e. self study)
6.30am Cleaning duties at living quarters and bath
7.30am Breakfast
8am School starts
12.45pm Lunch break
2pm Class resumes
3.45pm Lessons end; duties like clean classrooms, toilets, school compound
4pm Games, music & drama
5pm Scholars return home, free time for boarders
6.30pm Devotion – prayer and worship led by a student spiritual leader
7.30pm Dinner
8pm Evening prep (i.e. study time and homework)
10pm Bedtime



Support our home and schoolHELP BUILD US A HOME AND SCHOOL

We welcome donation in cash and kind, sponsorship of children's education and the school upkeeping, and gifts of any kind.

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Doreen’s mother could not take care of her 3 children and brought them to Children's Garden Home in 2003. Doreen was 7 years old and her brothers Dominic was 5 and Stanley 9. They were from the Eastern Province of Kenya where there was a draught crisis then. Food was scarce and all three children were barely conscious from hunger and exhaustion when they arrived at the home. Doreen suffers from mental impairment and her head was initially growing oversize, but the condition has now stabilized. She still has a problem with the control of her right hand so she depends only her left hand. We hope to send her for therapy sessions once funds are available. She has been attending nursery, pre-primary and primary 1 classes and is now able to speak but not yet to write. She is now able to take care of herself unlike when she first arrived. She also sings in the choir and has a beautiful voice. One can see her pride and joy when she sings in front of an audience.



Ksh.50,000 /

Supports One Child through 1 Year of Homecare + School
Ksh.200,000 / US$2,000
Supports One Child through 4 Years of Homecare + Secondary Education

Ksh.300,000 /

Feeds ALL Children in the Home for 1 Month

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